Historical Reenactment Group

We specialise in the high Medieval period. Founded in 2005 in and around Manchester, we now have members from all over the UK






Kingdom Event Calendars

Nocne zwiedzanie Fortu Spitzberg

Nocne zwiedzanie Fortu Spitzberg w Srebrnej Górze z przewodnikiem i jednocześnie dowódcą regimentu to czysta przyjemność. Jego historie bawią, a opowieści zainteresują nawet dzieci. Wystrzał z działa fortecznego, lekcja musztry regimentowej i strzał z pistoletu czarnoprochowego to dodatkowe atrakcje, ubarwiające ten wieczór. Warto pamiętać, by ciepło się ubrać na ten wieczór w kazamatach twierdzy, jest chłodno i potrafi być wilgotno, to jedyne niedogodności.

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Blackness Castle Tour

Groups from Central Europe, especially Hungary, are rumored to practice much more dangerous forms of battlefield reenactment, sometimes with sharp edges and points as well as metal arrowheads etc.

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The Kings And Queens group has several types of events. All of which are listed on the Calendar.


Full contact combat displays, archery demonstrations, dance displays and our medieval encampment


During the winter months we train on a regular basis to keep skills fresh

Social events

Give us the chance to let our hair down and relax a little. Anything from a banquet to a planned trip to the pub.

Special Events

Special events can be anything, a lecture, film work, even a parade!


The opportunities throughout the year for re-enactors to get together and purchase the equipment

Heraldry and Motto

“Thus passes away the glory of the world”

The Latin Motto of the Kings And Queens displayed on its heraldic coat of arms is “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”

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Pictures From Shows and Events

Kings and Queens recreate chivalric foot tournaments of the Nobility and Knights in all their splendor and glory. Leap into the fray or simply enjoy the spectacle!